About me

I am an autodidact visual artist from the Dominican Republic who believes there’s great beauty in simplicity and through art and looks to enhance that beauty with the use of bold colors and lines. The biggest inspiration for my work is the grace of human beings. When speaking of creativity I understand it has not only served me as a healing tool but also as the greatest tool to express my inner self, therefore, it is safe to say that creating has defined, molded my character and has provided a solid purpose to my life since a very young age and it is indeed one the greatest loves of my life.


My style is born out of a combination of self-taught education, self-training, as well as inner and outer reflection, which has allowed my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary. Fine arts is how I battle against the indifference of humans when faced with the ordinary things in life and somehow look to offer them a more fun outlook or perspective. 

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